Friday, September 2, 2011

How to tell your husband loves you:

Mine does nice things for me when I am sick,
like bring me treats...


(p.s.  those things on the cupcakes are Rings! Oh yes he did!)

First Day

My precious, precious
My sweet, sweet treasure
My special boy
He is gone today
to kindergarten
His warm brown eyes 
so like his Father's
are sparkling and bright
He stands up tall 
smiling proudly
He is a tiny bit nervous
I see it
in the way he holds his Daddy's hand
while they stand for me to take their picture
But mostly he is interested
to find out what it will be like
I hold back all my reminders
about listening and choosing the right
Smile my biggest smile 
and wave and wave and wave
My special boy
My treasure
I hope the world is good to him
He will be so good for the world.