Sunday, November 19, 2017


Tucking in four children takes a lot
They all need different attention, 
dìfferent kinds of listening,
different comforts
Four different moods,
four different essences to absorb and understand
to breath back out what they need to breath in
Four different souls to sooth and quiet
down towards sleep
Each one feels so different to cuddle
Four different types of love

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

"Three cheers for mom! 
Hip hip hurray
Hip hip hurray 
"That's not all," they say
"Cheers to you"
They raise their glasses, mug and plastic cups and clink, tap, chunk them together
"Cheers, Cheers!"
"To the best mom ever"
"You should be on MasterChef"
"You couldn't be any better"
My boys, my children 
I know I am so lucky
Who else is so loved
So praised and complimented
So unhesitatingly appreciated
So adored
I let it fill me up and save it 
to pour back over them when I am tired, when they are noisy, when the towels and the socks and bits of paper are all over the floor still and again. 
When I am all out of words but there are still things that need to be said. 
I can dip down pour this love back over them with patience and humour 
use praise and love
Three cheers for them 
and how they lift me up
Three cheers for US
Hip hip hurray

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I got up and helped the kids off to school with a good start to the day
pleasant, steady
Our neighbor is in a crisis and I listen to her 
mourn with her mourning
Off to the store for art supplies for the class 
and cupcakes
for friends
a birthday
and a loss
Lunch served
Supper made
Afterschool snack ready
I tidy and prep for class
welcome the kids and teach, guide, explain, encourage
save smiles for my boys
I take a deep breath and hug them long enough for it to soak in
then quick bites and Cub shirts
bedtime round one with stories and cuddles
bedtime round two with a listening heart
Laundry and lunches
The day is done
Tired but not drained
I am happy for all the chances
 to do some tiny thing for someone
I gave and was willing
and this is good.