Thursday, December 15, 2011


I love being pregnant at Christmas.  
Maybe because I feel things more with a little baby growing inside me.
I think about Mary a lot.
How she experienced all that she did.
All that traveling at the end.
Giving birth in a barn.
It makes the whole thing feel more special, more holy.
When I am pregnant, I feel a connection to her.
Not because I am anything like her but the connection all pregnant women have,
we know what the other is feeling, physically, partly emotionally too.
We know what is coming for each other.
Every woman who is growing a baby is so special and at Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of our Savior, being pregnant really helps me to think of him, because babies are so much on my mind already.
It also very much makes me think of Mary, celebrate and revere her.  
For doing what she did.
For being the woman to bear our Lord and bring him into this world.
For being willing.
And for doing it under the least desirable of circumstances.
What a true woman.  
I love these thoughts, I am glad that my circumstances help me to truly feel love during this time
Because that is why He came.