Thursday, January 6, 2011


This post is inspired by a conversation I had with an old friend I was recently united with.  As we talked, sharing intimate details of our recent experiences with miscarriage I thought again of something that has come to me strongly several times before.  
The universal connectedness of women.  
Through all the vast diversity of  our cultures, religions, upbringing, location in the world, and life circumstances we are joined together by the sameness of our experiences.  Child bearing, child rearing, separation from our families, love, loss, the men in our lives, working for our families, loneliness, strength from adversity, pain, joy and sometimes, peace. 
We all have the same desires in our hearts.  
We all have the same heart. 
 Whenever I have met a woman from another place, New Zealand, Dubai, Pakistan, Taiwan, Lebanon, Lybia, Brazil, and Africa as we get to know each other it stands out so clearly, we are women, we are the same, we have the same hearts.  
We have the same desires.  
Sure we have vastly different personalities, wants, interests but we are women.  All different yes, but at our core we are all the same and all connected.  I feel so full of love for all my sisters.  For every woman in the world who is figuring out how to be who they are, who is trying to live her faith, who is trying to make life good for her family, who is dealing with the challenges that come with the men in their lives, who is struggling with loneliness or sadness or loss.  
I feel it too, we all feel it.  
Let's feel it together. 
Let's be friends, to listen to each other, to cry and laugh together.  When there are happy things lets have joy for one another.  Let's be understanding.  Understanding that while we are all wonderfully unique, imperfect and fallible we are also the same and we are all connected as women. 
We are marvelous, strong and good all over the world and 
we are Women


  1. Wonderful Post heather! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post Heather, do you mind if I share this?

  3. Thanks guys, I hope it resonated.

    Katie, please do!

  4. Wow...Heather, this is a wonderful post. Your words truly have touched my heart and you sure had said it out loud for us women. Thanks for sharing it.