Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There's this man...

There's this man I used to know.
He used to be around a lot.  Too much sometimes. He'd get underfoot, take over my job.
But he was here, we got to talk, I got to see him, hold him.
Heck, we even went to bed at the same time and woke up together in the morning too.
This man, now I don't see him much.
He's gone long before I wake, 
gets home late.
Occasionally he'll pop in for a couple of hours,
or be here to tuck the children in
(I even keep them up late so they can see him)
Sometimes he'll catch me off guard and be here for a meal!
This man I used to know,
I like him.
I miss him.
And I am so proud of him.
He's almost a ghost in the house,
Like a ghost, I feel him here.
We remember him,
We always think of him.
Baby lips (and mine) pray for him.
He's most often gone, but he's not a stranger.
He is working.
Working for us.
Working for our future, working for our now.
He does more than many men would do.
So I will take care of things here.
I will keep everything ready for him.
Someday, this man I used to know will come back.
He will put his arm around me and we will look at what we built.
At the possibilities these years of being gone gave us.
And it will all be worth it.  


  1. Chris is worthy to be written of. What a guy.

  2. Sorry I was on richards phone when I read it earlier!
    It takes a strong man to do what your husband does. To give up time to make a better future for his family.
    BUT it takes a stronger woman to stand behind him and support him, run his home, raise his children and love him. Even more so with that you've been through in the last year.

    I hope you realize how important you are to him becoming the man he is supposed to be!

  3. ...and in the process you are becoming the woman you are meant to be. You are truly partners. I am proud of both of you.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this. I feel the same some days. My husband worked 102hrs last week. It's really hard some times. But if we can stay strong and look to the future we are building, then we will get through. It's our love that keeps us together.

    Thanks for sharing this Heather.


  5. Wow Eliza, 102 hours! That is so much! They work med students soo hard don't they, what stage is he at now?
    Thanks for sharing your comments, maybe we can keep each other company a bit.