Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sleeping in the Dirt

Trying to end the Sneak Out of Bed game before it starts and make lying in bed seem more enticing and fun I tell Little e some things.  Not everyone gets to lie in a soft cozy bed with blankets and a fluffy pillow.  Some kids have to lie on the fl- (I better reword, he looves to sleep on the floor, he's been napping there all week) some kids don't get to lie on a bed at all.  They have to lie on the dirt on a piece of cardboard and they don't have their special blue blankie.  You are so lucky to have this cozy bed!
His response, "I want to sweep in the dirt."  
That kid is so adorable!  I can see the appeal, dirt is soft too and you can do so many neat things with it.  
I've been re-falling in love with him.  Ever since I started being more firm and in charge with him his sweet little self shows so much more and our love is blossoming.  (sounds lame I know but it's the only way to describe it).  We are closer, he is more obedient, helpful and affectionate. It only took a couple of weeks of concentrated effort to dramatically change the dynamic between us.  It is so encouraging, patience and love and the right kind of authority ended his defiance and replaced with willingness and trust. He wraps his little arms around my legs and tells me he, "loves me sooo much!" several times a day.  I am more patient and calm, which changes everything.  I have a better sense of humor and am more understanding, less demanding.  We play and have fun together.  
We like each other. 

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