Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Things

After all that heaviness I thought I should spread around some goodness.
Since my last post (or because of it, and all of your help) 
I feel like I've had a break though. 
 I feel like I've literally broken through to somewhere better.  I am better and everything else seems better too.
Sooo here are some good things.

Book Club
One of the top five best things for my soul. (I think it's number two after being spiritual and before being in nature,  good art and breathing in babies/my husband (cause he is the man your man could smell like.))
Books, friends, great food, laughter and a good amount of silliness (that would put fear in to any poor husband who happens to be around).  
Who needs to drink to have fun?  Not us!

Baking Bread
Made some with my boys yesterday and enjoyed the experience. (I typically leave baking till the late hours of the evening to avoid doing it with them,  I am not one of those moms that loves to bake with her kids, it would make me pull out my hair if my hands weren't so much messier than usual from baking with kids!)
But this was good!
Fun and tasty.
They made really interesting shapes and then we had warm buns with honey and hot chocolate for lunch.

Going to the Park.
Hiking through the snow and finding animal tracks.
Sunshine on my face.

Really Playing with my Kids.

Snuggling with my Honey.
He has this new shirt that feels so cozy and safe.
It has snaps that are just like the ones on my Dads shirts when I was a girl.
I love it, and him even more.

Job Charts.
I made some for the kids and they love it!
Every time they do a job they get...wait for it...
a check mark.
When they have five then they get a sticker.
I know, exciting hey?
I made one for me too. It only has five things on it.  
Read scriptures
1 load of laundry
(that means folded and put away)
Engage with the kids
I'm pretty confident doing this every day will make me feel way better and freed to be able to do way more fun and interesting things as well as giving me some sense of accomplishment every day.

So there are some good and wonderful things that I am so happy about and grateful for.  Life has all kinds of good things in it and I just have to let my self see them and make them happen. 


  1. Thanks for sharing Heather, Such wonderful fun ideas! All of us have dark patches, its how we come out of them that define us!

  2. I don't like baking with my kids either, but maybe I should try it more often. I know they would love it! Your boys are seriously so cute!

  3. My kids love our freshly baked whole wheat bread so much they call it a "bread treat". How's that for propaganda?

    Thanks for your comment over at my place -- sometimes I forget about my comment policy over there on the sidebar and it takes someone else noticing it for me to go, "Oh, yeah! That is how I fell about things, isn't it?!?"

  4. Feel. Feel about things, not fell. Oh, how I hate being a perfectionist.

  5. I am so glad you "broke through". I am feeling better these days too. Way more energy, less sad feelings. We just have to keep going through the bad times, and eventually we break through. You are so smart to make yourself a short list, including things that make you feel good.