Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Few Good Things

Just so I don't forget.

The sweetest bird is twittering outside my window, it has been for days.

The grass is greening and the sun is sunny.

One sweet friend brought me really yummy muffins last week.
Another decided to feed me and had us over for dinner, 
she is also wonderful at distracting the repetitive thought loops that keep playing in my mind and is so encouraging. 

The hardworking ladies that are with me in primary who make sure everything is taken care of. 

All the positive people I connect with.
(facebook friends, Holla!)

I really like my bedroom, 
(for the first time ever.)

My  Mom is going to stay with me for five days.

My torpedo belly feels pretty good. 


The beautiful, new to us, vehicle we were so lucky to get just in time to fit our bigering family. 

This man I get to be with who is still beyond what I imagined.

I feel so so grateful and so so blessed. 
I am going to start waxing sappy if I keep going so I'll quit while I'm ahead.
I just wanted to be able to remember this in the dark of winter so I can always feel all the goodness that is all around me. 

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