Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Busy Day

My day was very busy but I loved it.  I just canceled the cable (we had the really amazing deal for 6 months promotion.)  Even though I really really miss it I think it's one of the top five best things I could do for our family.  I've started making lists again, and getting so many things done!  Here's my list for today.

To do today: 

Play school-check 

clean my room-check

vaccume and dust said room-check

wash bedding and remake bed-check

lots of dishes-check (but there's still lots, oh how I dream of the day when we have a dishwasher)

make fancy bread for book club-check

stew for supper-check

tomorrow's supper in slow cooker-check

bathe kids while cleaning bathroom-check

book club-double check

prepare veggies for tomorrow-I decided my company can help me with it when we get home tomorrow evening more time to visit that way

lay out kids clothes-they're not so much layed out as in the dryer but they are clean and I know where they are. 

Not bad hey?  It's like my mind is free again.  I can think and plan, make lists, have ideas. It's wonderful!

Also, need a cure for the winter blues?  Get a couple of friends, a book you'd like to read and some yummy book related food and you've got yourselves a party!  Stay out late enough and you'll be telling all your best non book related stories and laughing the ugly laugh (you know the one where your face goes all funny shaped, you can't see and you're wheezing and crying, yes that one (it's so Healthy!))

Watch for our next book choice and read along with us.


  1. Wow, you brought back memories! My days are just as busy, but not doing so much at home. And no sweet little people giving me hugs around the knees any more.
    What are the other top four things?

  2. I found this quote on and it reminded me of you:
    Our creator loves creativity, and is always there to help you with your dreams.