Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snow Day

My Mom told me snow is God's gift to mothers,   
She also gave me this good idea. 
The perfect winter activity! 
Bring the best part of winter into the warmth of your house.

It kept  the kids enthralled for more than an hour
(that's a nice long time wouldn't you agree?)
It's as fun as sand and even better because it's so much cleaner, the kids can even wipe up the puddles themselves.
There were so happy and having a really good time together,
And that makes me feel happy too.

It also works great in the tub.  A whole tub full of snow, that's two hours of fun! They were laughing like maniacs when they realised they could thow the slushy melty blobs at the wall.

Also today they turned on the bathroom tap full blast and sprayed water everywhere.  I followed the sounds of glee up the stairs to see what they were up to because something that fun could not be legal. 
 But it sounded so good that I had my camera ready to video just in case.  
There they were in the bathroom, Edmund perched on the counter in nothing but his socks and a diaper, the tap going full blast.  
They had their little hands pressed against the faucet and water was spraying everywhere!
And what did I do?
Did I yell, did I get them in trouble?
I did not!
I just videoed them and laughed along.  
It was joyous!
When we were done I gave them towels and they wiped that up too.  
Then I showed them the video while they screamed with laughter.

Good Things
  • Looks like my Mystery Man will be able to have Two finals moved so we can attent a very important family event (fingers crossed)
  • I am cleaning out my bedroom closet
  • Am feeling hopeful and productive

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  1. What a great idea! Looks like the boys had a fun day!