Friday, June 24, 2011

Ten Years

It has been ten years since high school!
Our indomitable Grad President now returning as 10 Year Reunion Planner asked us all to submit a write up and some photos for our reunion book. 
 How many photos?
People, here's some simple math calculations,
that's one photo for every two years!
Ya, I know!
Try that once, sum up 10 years of your life in 5 photos.
I gave it my best shot and here they are...
Because this is one of like two 
somewhat decent shots of me in five whole years...

Until this...

I think having babies was good for me took a little chub out of my cheeks.

A little get away.  
I am secretly planning another one for my Mr to celebrate when he finishes school.  
Shhhhh, don't tell. 

If you think this is nice visit my friend here.

I took this one all by my selfie, isn't that a beeuuteeful sofa?

There were so many good times in 10 years, five just isn't enough.  


  1. Beautiful photos!!! I love the one of you and Chris in the water!

    Oh, and there's six photos there Missy, not five! lol

  2. I love all of these photos! What a cute little family you guys have:)

  3. great photos Heather, I found it hard to choose five photos too and to do my write up actually - Rochelle

  4. Me too, like how long should it be, how much detail should I include, how much should I elaborate to make my life sound as fabulous as possible without seeming like I am? I went with less is more approach and kept it brief, concise, and embellishment free. I hope it seems happy and satisfied though. How did you do yours?