Thursday, November 17, 2011


Oh theater how I love you!  
I love that you are so grown up,
and your live music is so living.
I love that you are the perfect date
and somehow much more interactive than a movie even though we talk way less.
I love that you make me feel like this girl
and that reading your helpful English text screen above the stage 
makes me hear Mr. Bhaer/My Honey's voice softly whisper to me.
While I don't love your over priced and slightly stale snacks 
you more than make up for it with your wonderfully tiny and sparkly old ladies. 
I love that by watching you I discover that this familiar aria is not a typical love song but actually a daughter charming what she wants out of her father!
Oh theater how I love you!

(Our's was so different from these, it was 50's era and more playful, still they are fun.  Being a Daddy's girl is a great universal theme to mix things up a bit from the typical themes of love and jealousy.)

without text

with text

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  1. so cool! Can we go when I come to visit you next time?