Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I got up and helped the kids off to school with a good start to the day
pleasant, steady
Our neighbor is in a crisis and I listen to her 
mourn with her mourning
Off to the store for art supplies for the class 
and cupcakes
for friends
a birthday
and a loss
Lunch served
Supper made
Afterschool snack ready
I tidy and prep for class
welcome the kids and teach, guide, explain, encourage
save smiles for my boys
I take a deep breath and hug them long enough for it to soak in
then quick bites and Cub shirts
bedtime round one with stories and cuddles
bedtime round two with a listening heart
Laundry and lunches
The day is done
Tired but not drained
I am happy for all the chances
 to do some tiny thing for someone
I gave and was willing
and this is good.

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