Wednesday, November 1, 2017

"Three cheers for mom! 
Hip hip hurray
Hip hip hurray 
"That's not all," they say
"Cheers to you"
They raise their glasses, mug and plastic cups and clink, tap, chunk them together
"Cheers, Cheers!"
"To the best mom ever"
"You should be on MasterChef"
"You couldn't be any better"
My boys, my children 
I know I am so lucky
Who else is so loved
So praised and complimented
So unhesitatingly appreciated
So adored
I let it fill me up and save it 
to pour back over them when I am tired, when they are noisy, when the towels and the socks and bits of paper are all over the floor still and again. 
When I am all out of words but there are still things that need to be said. 
I can dip down pour this love back over them with patience and humour 
use praise and love
Three cheers for them 
and how they lift me up
Three cheers for US
Hip hip hurray

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